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Aa, stud book francais du cheval angloarabe, stud book francais du cheval. Studbook, official record of the pedigree of purebred animals, particularly horses and dogs, usually published by a national breed association or similar regulating organization. Issa is a performance based studbook open to sport horses suitable for the olympic. Preferably, future breeding stock have at least 4 generations of approved sport horse pedigree. She was the stallion grading secretary of the british warmblood society now the warmblood breeders studbook u. Celia clarke bred warmblood sport horses for more than 40 years and coauthored the international warmblood horse with kidd. Are your studbooks equine database and social media links not displayed yet then ask your.

International norway on curls france no longer active usa fiber guild. The annual general meeting of the international sporthorse studbook. A standard reference on horse breeds, illustrated and updated celebrating the animal that has been a stalwart servant to humankind for countless generations, bonnie hendrickss international encyclopedia of horse breeds is the most thorough compilation of horse breeds ever attempted. Insights is the leading british owned digital publication providing research and reporting into the international sport of three day eventing and showing. Breeders of kwpn sport horse foals for the olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and showjumping often in distinctive and colourful robes. The irish draught and sport horse society of australia inc. Pedigree requirements also vary, and many studbooks expect to see only stallion sons of main mare book mares. Vitiello will be denied all privileges of the american stud book permanently, effective jan. Showjumping ireland horses leagues ish stud book series. The iranian stud book was unanimously granted approved stud book status by the international stud book committee isbc at its twoday annual meeting in london in october. The oldenburg registry north america and international sporthorse registry isroldenburg na was founded in 1983. Integrity of the american stud book is the foundation on which all thoroughbred racing in north america depends. The role of the society is to promote and preserve the irish draught and irish sport horse in australia.

Apart from its success at international level the irish sport horse is an ideal leisure horse. Without assurance, beyond all reasonable doubt, of the identity of every thoroughbred which competes, or which is bred with a view to continuing the breed. Without assurance, beyond all reasonable doubt, of the identity of every thoroughbred which competes, or which is bred with a view to continuing the breed, the sport of racing as it is known today, could not exist. Most studbooks are patterned after the british general stud book for thoroughbred horses, first published in 1791 by. We believe that the ialha members agree these goals are in the best interest of the sport, our youth and the entire equine industry. The general stud book is recognized as the official. International buyers coming to ireland to source their ideal horse or pony will find quality horses from established registered sellers on the irish horse gateway. Owning and working with horses has been a passion and dream we have had for many years, culminating in our decision to breed these beautiful animals that we enjoy so much. To establish the registry, the publishers used various records accumulated from horse racing in england. The american stud book headlines page 1 of 1 bloodhorse. A full colour photograph, of the near side, in open position and showing the face of the horse, should also be enclosed.

Issa, international sporthorse studbook australia, international sporthorse. Newmoon stud is proud to introduce the shagyaaraber breed to australia our foundation consists of three imported mares medina, laila and zariah al samarra, a colt imported inutero nm galileo, and a bank of imported semen from approved and performancetested international stallions olymp al samarra, mersuch xxii196, sterling. Sporthorse studbook india llp is offering top class facility for horse breeding and registration services. Choose association australia belgium brazil colombia denmark ecuador england finland france germany italy mexico. Studbook sbs belgian sport horse north america home.

Tba the annual general meeting of the international sporthorse studbook australia inc. The xxviii edition of the international lusitano horse show take place from the 16 to 18 june 2016 at quinta da marinha, in cascais. The new breed was meant to serve as a unified sport horse during a period when horses were being replaced by mechanization and were transforming into an animal used mainly for sport and leisure. A full colour photograph, of the near side, in open position and.

Horse scout find premium stallions at stud available at. About our stud book equestrian sport in india is increasing in momentum the number of sport horses imported from europe is constantly growing and at last year. The nearly four hundred entries, arranged alphabetically, include foundation breeds now extinct as well as. The isbc has assisted progress via a number of initiatives including introduction of unique life numbers, moves to improve the standard of written and graphic descriptions and the setting of standards and procedures for the use of microchips as.

International federation of horseracing authorities. Indias first sport horse studbook sporthorse studbook. Name please enter only birth, current, commercial or shortenname, include historical names, fei id the search is performed on the new fei id, the old fei. Ireland is well known as being the birthplace of world showjumping and with the countrys long equestrian tradition it is not surprising that the irish sport horse breed developed with an innate ability for the equestrian sports of showjumping and eventing. The international andalusian and lusitano horse association fully supports the safe sport initiatives aimed at providing a competition environment free from sexual abuse, harassment and bullying. Various body types developed within the anglonorman breed, two of which were split off to form the norman cob and french trotter. Enter a international fei registration number and this will select horses with international fei registration number entered. Breeding is the largest sector in irelands sport horse industry and there are currently over 15,000 active breeders. Welcome to the north american studbook nas was established with the single purpose of assisting the north american sport horse breeder to better compete in the domestic and international marketplace.

Mar 09, 2018 celia clarke bred warmblood sport horses for more than 40 years and coauthored the international warmblood horse with kidd. Issa actively works to gather information to maintain the data base for sport horse pedigrees and performance information. The wbfsh is the only international federation of studbooks for sport horses in the world. It will allow you to make a detailed search of all the horses in the database. Issa has a register and studbook for stallions, with published pedigrees and information on progeny performance for the purpose of progeny testing the australian sport horse. It is renowned primarily for its success in show jumping, but many have also been successful in dressage and eventing. This encourages local breeders to keep highquality mares in the region. We are situated in the beautiful suikerbos rand area just outside of heidelberg, gauteng, in south africa. To this end, the society keeps a stud book and a register. International encyclopedia of horse breeds bonnie l.

Buy horses in india contact us sporthorse studbook. This stud book includes all first ichonachr registered horses numbered 11500 in 3 editions. We specialise in supplying and producing young quality show jumpers, all hand picked with potential to go to the top of their sport. Issa is a performance based studbook open to sport horses suitable for the olympic equestrian disciplines notice of annual general meeting. An introduction to a general stud book was published in 1791, and volume 1 in 1793. A senior national judge and national judge must form part of the ground jury for all classes held as part of the irish sport horse studbook showjumping series. All horse shows must require riders to verify eligibility through preentry or on the day. It was created by a small group of seasoned breeders and professionals who have a keen insight into the hurdles facing north american breeders. The selle francais was created in 1958 when several french riding horse breeds were merged into one stud book. Horse identification this is a topic of vital importance to both stud book and racing authorities. To compare our pro gold and pro silver plans visit sporthorsedata pro version. There would be no exciting horse competitions without quality horses. Ruach sport horse stud was officially formed in august 2012.

The advanced search tool is only available to professional users. Sports pony studbook society spss, bedford, bedfordshire, united kingdom. Preserving, promoting and perfecting american small equine since 1888. It encompasses appaloosas, knabstruppers and appaloosa spotted horses and ponies and runs in australia, new zealand and the world. As the leading british studbook, affiliated to the world breeding federation for sport horses. Sport horse breeding of great britain is the governing body for hunter and sport horse classes, which are held at major shows throughout the country.

From the global market of event horse breeding, to coverage of three day eventing our indepth reporting provides invaluable tools to breeders, riders, event organisers and owners. Welcome to sports horses international dutch warmblood sport horses for sale in the uk. America needs its own source for the sport horses of the future. An athletic horse with good gaits, it is usually bay or chestnut in color. North america needs an independent sport horse breed organization which works on the basis of 200 years of european experience and as successful as european registries.

We currently stand two homozygous stallions at stud available for distribution via fresh chilled throughout the uk frozen semen has been shipped to clients worldwide in austria, australia, belgium, denmark, france, ireland, the netherlands, norway, poland, switzerland, slovenia and the usa with excellent results on 1st insemination. Printed copies of the 2015 stallion book are available from horse sport ireland for 2015 paid up irish horse board shareholders. We are a familyrun international business, established for over 30 years. As a member of the world breeding federation for sport horses we are committed to supporting the industry by way of incentives for breeders, education, information and grading schemes. Sport horse breeding of great britain shb gb is a membership organisation and registered charity, governed by an elected council. Its ability to look after and help its rider in any situation makes the breed a. Sportaloosa international is a nonprofit registry for the unique modern appaloosa spotted sport horse known as the sportaloosa. The world wide database with all information about pedigrees and performances of horses. A horse stud book jointly maintained by the australian jockey club and victoria racing club.

New dressage horse instructor provides unique service after the oldenburger online elite auction. Members receive three newsletters a year to advise them of upcoming events, inspection and. Any change of location of an unnamed horse born from 2016 onwards must be advised on an unnamed horse change of location form within seven 7 days of the change taking place refer to exceptions on page 1 of the form. Pedigree information and studbook rankings are available. We hold true to the long and glorious history of this breed and acknowledge the original andalusian bloodlines which include horses from both spain and portugal. A major center of horse breeding, the area had numerous regional types that were bred to one another and then crossed with thoroughbreds to form the anglonorman.

Mares with less pedigree, or less than is desirable to her registry. Born in austria, he will enrich the oldenburger pferdevermarktungs gmbh as sales manager of the dressage horses. At the oldenburg horse center vechta the internationally successful grand prix rider manuel springhetti will support the team. A senior national course builder or above must be in place for all classes held as part of the irish sport horse studbook showjumping series. My horse has relocated properties, do i need to advise asb. Horse scout lists premium quality stallions at stud, with medical certificates and pedigree details, horse scout are sure to find you the perfect stallion by continuing, you accept our use of cookies on this site. Please refer to the breed categories listed in the studbook rules and specify the appropriate one for your horse.

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